DenimBlog Exclusive: Interview With Charley 5.0

We got the chance to get an interview with Susan, the head of sales for Charley 5.0. We wanted to get to know the brand a little better as it’s getting very popular among the celebs and is really taking off! Thank you to Charley 5.0 and Susan for taking the time answering our questions for you. Enjoy the interview!

DB: How did you come up with the name Charley 5.0?

Well, Susan when first thinking of names for the brand wanted something that was feminine with a tom boy / masculine twist, because that was very much her esthetic growing up and still so today. If her first born is a girl she’d name her Charley. The 5 symbolizes her lucky # and also known in the Jewish religion as the sign of the hand meaning to ward away the evil eye.

DB: What inspired you the most when creating the brand?

Taking denim to a new level and the challenge of revamping a basic 5 pkt jean.

DB: Charley 5.0 is quite new; do you have a favourite memory/experience since it was founded so far?

TONS of memories. The entire process is one big feeling of “meant to be”. Mostly I (Susan) remember walking into my Presidents office and saying; can we do a contemporary denim collection?; him agreeing and putting our first Spring Collection together in 5 weeks. Concept, name, PR, hiring Yalenis (our designer) and a line in 5 weeks. Our favorite saying is; Pressure makes Diamonds.

DB: What inspires you when designing your leggings and other denim items?

Everyday people.

DB: Are you a big denim fan? If so, how many pairs of jeans do you own?

Yes, I currently own every color of the Charley Skinny Minis (our denim leggings) Gunmetal is my fav right now, other than that I’m usually in a trouser; I’m a big trouser girl. Ankle length in particular, with a bit of a higher waist.

DB: What is your latest collection about?

The latest collection is about printed jeggings, a leopard print, a python print, a lace print that we love and so far all of our stores really love. Oh & seam detailing on the jegging. Lots of seams, ones that make your legs appear longer and thinnerthey look AMAZING on. Dresses are a big part of Charley too, the sexy little night out dress.

DB: Charley 5.0 is really starting to grow in the celeb world; do you have a favourite celeb who loves the brand?

We are so grateful & humbled by every single one. Everyone has their own interpretation on how to wear something and we’re always excited to see who wears it and how. Honestly. Every single time we see a celeb in our items we get chills, same goes for girls who we see wearing it on the street.

DB: Are there any new trends coming out next season that we should be keeping an eye out for?

Higher rise. Warm color tones.

DB: What is the best feature of Charley 5.0 (fit, wash, pockets etc)?

Our fit by far, the jeggings REALLY suck you inalmost as well as spanx, which btw are a human form of torture but soooo effective.

DB: Do you have a favourite piece from your new SS10 collection?

Our vintage wash Fringe back denim jacket oh and our ruffle jumpsuit in a dark denim that looks INSANE with a blazer and red accessories.

DB: Can you tell us a bit more about your brand? We would love to get to know you better.

Hmmm, what can I say so you know us a little betterÔǪwe’re pretty much a 3 man band with a few back up singers hahaha. 3 girls, who merchandise it, live it, breathe it, climb the hurdles & put all of our heart and soul into it. Our designer Yalenis literally sews dresses in the office. She and her assistant also dye fabrics in a little pot in the office to come up with new washes. We’re CONSTANTLY creating, reinventing and doing whatever it takes to make it right.

DB: What makes Charley 5.0 stand out from all the other brands?

This is a tough one because I know everyone works so hard on their collectionsÔǪ.we have been told by many of our customers that our fit is really great & that even though the leggings appear intimidating once they’re on they NEVER take them off. I think that fit is extremely important for a jean brand. I also think what makes us different from any other brand is we create cool bodies that are easy to wear. It’s easy to shop & all of the style is built in, so you throw it on & you’re ready to go.

DB: What’s up next for Charley 5.0?

Something is ALWAYS in the works; we can’t reveal anything just yetÔǪbut there’s always something brewing.

DB: What is your main goal with the brand?

To continue to grow and to become a staple in every girls closet.