Denim Review: Paige Premium Rowena Jeggings in Dusk

I am doing 2 reviews this week so the first one is my Paige Premium Denim Rowena Denim Leggings in Dusk. These are actually my favourite Paige jeans that I own! I got them in the beginning of January and they are just so comfortable! They have the perfect Paige fit which is always so flattering on the butt but they have so much stretch to them they feel like leggings! The wash is absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to try more Paige Jeggings in other washes, she has such a selection! It’s wonderful. I would definitely recommend Paige denim leggings if you want to give them a go! They don’t have the normal floral waist band because they are soft, I assume the floral waistband would make the jeggings more stiff. They have fake front pockets so you don’t get the pocket fabric bunching up. They don’t have any belt loops either so you don’t need to wear them with a belt. They are the perfect jeggings! I’m not just saying it either to be nice, I honestly love them so much. They are beautiful. So many celebs are fans of Paige denim leggings. Heidi Klum is in love with them so much! Jessica Alba owns some and lots more!

Overall Opinion
These denim leggings are one of the best denim leggings that I have tried so far! They are so flattering and so comfortable. I definitely recommend them to those of you wanting to try denim leggings or if you are a Paige Premium fan, you will love them! Buy these jeans here at Paige Premium.

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Modeled photos

Images courtesy of Lorna/DenimBlog (if used please credit) and jeans courtesy of Paige Denim.


  1. I 100% agree, I also recently bought a pair (in black) and I’ve never had a jean fit me so perfect. They are my favorite pants – ever. Just the right balance between a jean and a legging to take you from day to night in easy chic.

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