Denim Review: AG Adriano Goldschmied Ex-Boyfriend Crop Jeans

Don’t these jeans just scream Summer to you? This weeks denim review is on AG Adriano Goldschmied Ex-Boyfriend Crop Jeans. These were so popular last summer among the celebs like Jessica Biel, Rachel Bilson, Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba and so many more. I got these in the summer of last year (2009) and I still love them! AG Jeans have brought out a few new washes for Spring and I predict they will be a huge hit again for the coming months. I absolutely love these jeans! They are very flattering and the fit is perfect. The wash is amazing because it has been perfected over time so it looks really deep and gorgeous. The distressing is done extremely well as well, it looks really professional and like it wont fall apart at any time. What I love about AG Jeans is that each pair is numbered, they only make a certain amount of jeans for each batch so they are all individual and no 2 pairs are the same! That’s what gives them a higher price tag and exclusivity. The good thing about these boyfriend jeans is that the hem is not sewn cuffed so you have the choice of rolling them down to wear them longer or cuffing them to wear them cropped. The only thing I would love to change about these jeans is the material content, they are 100% cotton so they are very rigid. I prefer stretch to my jeans. If you wear them really loose then the material content is not much of a problem but if you like them tighter, they are a little harder to move in. Fabric content aside, these are my favourite boyfriend jeans that I own, I absolutely love them! Now I want to try more of their jeans!

Overall Opinion
I really love these jeans and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to try the boyfriend fit. They have a gorgeous wash and beautiful distressing. They are very well made and each pair is unique so they are definitely worth the money! Scroll down for close up photos of the jeans, modeled pictures by me and more candids of celebs in these jeans.

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Laid down photo of the front so you can see the jean.

Close up photo of the crotch area ao you can see the details.

Close up photo of the button.

Laid down photo of the back so you can see the jean.

Photo of the butt area so you can see the details and pockets.

Close up photo of the whiskering behind the knees.

Close up photo of the left pocket so you can see the stitching.

Close up photo of the right pocket so you can see the pocket shape.

Close up photo of the back patch.

Close up photo of the coin pocket and the AG logo.

Photo of the labels inside.

Angled photo of the left leg so you can see the distressing and wash.

Angled photo of the right leg so you can see the distressing, wash and details.

Close up photo of one of the distressed patches.

Close up photo of an angled distressed patch.

Modeled photos.

Watermarked images courtesy of DenimBlog/Lorna (please credit if used) and jeans courtesy of AG Jeans.


  1. Those look really cute on you Lorna! I have the Premiere AG that have pretty much the same wash and I agree that AGs are really great!

  2. I have been DYING for a pair of the new AG’s and would get these if I didn’t already have a pair of boyfriend crops! Anyway, FAB review 🙂 btw Lorna- did you get highlights? your hair is gorg!

  3. Thanks! Those are actually older photos from back in 2009 when my hair was highlighted 🙂 I do plan on getting it highlighted again but it normally goes lighter in the summer anyway.

  4. This great We A bunch of new Washes these Lorna is correct these are not the typical boyfriend jean seing as though they remain to be flatterring for every woman that purchases them we have them in the Following Washes :

    25yr Des – Ligh Wash very Destroyed look

    23yr GYD – Light Gray Wash With abrasions Through The Legs

    OAK – Light Wash with Abrasions throughout both Legs

    12Yr Mnd – Med. Light Wash With Wiskering through the hips

    10yr – Med. Dark Wash With Wiskering Through The Hips

    4yr Dmg – Dark Wash With Abrasions throughout both legs

    We also have more washes in this fit !! feel free to call us or Email to receive a spring Lookbook .


  5. AG’s are life !!! But Lorna what’s up? Please invite me in your backyard we could do a little jeans party; i’ll bring some Current/Elliot Sangria with some J Brand wine … LOL 🙂

  6. Lorna I have a question : What is the brand/pair or jeans that most disapointed you in terms of quality, fit ?

  7. Hmmm fit varies from all of the brands, I find Diesel Liv don’t flatter my butt at all, lighter wash Siwy jeans don’t because of the pocket shape and the light wash but the dark ones do. Generally it’s a random cut from any brand I don’t find flatters me but it flatters other people. What doesn’t work for me works for others. The ones I am disappointed with in terms of quality though would have to be mainstream brands, ones that are really cheap like River Island jeans, Dorothy Perkins etc, they don’t focus on fit or quality. But premium brands I’m mainly happy with 🙂

    And no, I didn’t lose weight I don’t think, I am not sure, I go up and down all the time lol. I vary between a 26/27/28 in lots of brands and I can still fit all my jeans so I don’t think I did 🙂

  8. Lorna you look adorable in your pics. It’s so good to “see” you. Look as fresh-faced as ever.

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