Britney Spears in Denim Jacket

Britney Spears got snapped while she was running her errands on the weekend. After getting a frappucino in Calabasas, she went on to The Dollar Book Store in Encino, California. It’s nice to see that celebs shop in any store regardless of price. Britney was wearing a denim jacket with velour sweat pants and a tank top. I’m not too sure I like this outfit, the jacket doesn’t really match the casualness of the rest of the clothes but still, that’s Britney, she always dresses exactly how she wants to and pulls it off.


  1. i don’t think Britney pulled anything off looking like that!
    she looks like she’s ready to start begging strangers for spare change

  2. Honestly I really don’t think Martin Truex Jr. is worth the money he thinks he is worth and if EGR is the only place that going to pay him, that is where he will be.