Alex Reid in True Religion

Katie Price and Alex Reid were spotted doing a bit of shopping at the Shiekh shoe store in Los Angeles, California. Alex was wearing True Religion jeans and I wonder if Katie picked these out for her new hubby since she favors the brand? They are such a fit and healthy looking couple aren’t they?!


  1. I think their style is way too flashy and by the way Katie looks a lot like megan fox. But i dont really like true religion i think they are now mor urban like people who isten to hip hop wear them and they are really flashy you can see someone has true religion from 2 miles since the stitching is so reconisable !

  2. I think these two are on track to become the next Heidi & Spencer. IMO Katie dresses like a washed-up showgirl :/

  3. She’s a glamour model so she’s always dressed that way lol. She’s actually dressed what I would call ‘smart’ for her. She probably did dress him though, I think she made him get a whole new wardrobe of clothes.

  4. I prefer Kate Moss’s or Olsen Twins’s style because it is more subtle I like the bohemian rebel hippie vibe that Current/Elliot and J Brand bring

  5. if the word “douche” had a style. This would be it.
    Both their looks are laughable and beyond tacky. lol