Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham Denim for Glamour

Victoria Beckham takes the cover of the March 2010 issue of Glamour Magazine. She wore her own jeans and shorts from her Victoria Beckham Denim line. She also shares her love of Christian Louboutin shoes by wearing them in every photo. Victoria spoke lots about her life, her relationship with David and her clothes. I included some quotes below. You can also see the rest of the photos and interview at You can pre order the Wildfox Tee at Singer22.

On her husband: “It’s not healthy to be jealous. I look at David and I think, He’s so handsome and I’m so lucky to have him as a husband. And he’s an amazing father. I don’t blame people for looking at him and finding him attractive. I mean, I do.”

On whether celebrities make her nervous: “Nervous in a good way. I [once] shared a plane with George Clooney. I still get excited. My mum and I said, ÔÇÿOh my God’ÔǪI’m leading an extraordinary life. I never try to be too cool about [it].”

On her first date with David: “When I first went out with David, I was in the Spice Girls, and David wasn’t so known. He told me when I got to know him a little better that he didn’t know very much about me, so he bought tabloids. He read that I liked Prada. So he went out and bought Prada trousers, Prada shoes, a Prada shirt, Prada jacket.”

On her looks: “I’m not a supermodel. I make the best of what I’ve got. I work out to look the best that I can, but I’m no Gisele.”

On what she eats: “I’m a very, very healthy eater. I eat lots of fish, lots of vegetables, lots of fruit. I don’t eat junk food. I work out.”

On her clothing line: “I consider all of my pieces to be investment pieces. A dress shouldn’t be worn for one seasonÔÇöyou should be able to wear it year after year.”


  1. The cover is SO cool and refreshing (and the puppy is to-die-for) and the shoot looks so great- I might buy this issue just to rip out the pictures 🙂