Victoria Beckham in Boyfriend Jeans

Victoria Beckham was walking on the beach in Malibu with her sons yesterday (31st) wearing her boyfriend jeans. She has been spotted in these jeans at least 4 times in the past few weeks, can anyone ID them? They really suit her and it makes a change from the normal skinny jeans she wears. It looks like she loves the black vest, boyfriend jeans, sunglasses and hat combo as this is the outfit she keeps choosing to wear these jeans with. Victoria’s vest looks similar to the one from her Victoria Beckham Denim line, but it’s not. It’s very cute though. I think she looks great!

Scary Skinny Victoria Beckham takes Kids for Frozen Yogurt

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  1. The tank looks like it’s the American Apparel Tri Blend racer back. Can’t ID the jeans but they are super cute.

  2. I did see that the other day but they said they weren’t 100% that they were either. I’m not too familiar with the brand Paper Denim Cloth either so I don’t know what they are. I hope someone can help out 🙂

  3. The line stitched on the back pockets do look like paper denim cloth. I own a pair of PDC and they have the same line…she must have trashed them herself or they are just not out yet…