Seven For All Mankind Expanding in Asia

In hopes of counter acting the economic conditions in the United States, Seven for All Mankind is expanding the brand in Asia

The company has doubled it’s expansion and business in Asian Pacific region in the past year and hopes that this growth will continue into 2010. Most recently, the brand launched it’s flagship store in Beijing, China last week. This adds one more store to the brand’s 29 free standing stores, 10 of which are in Asia.

The brand’s focus will continue to be on both free standing stores and mall stores. As the stores CEO explains, signature stores are key in China because “consumers there like a complete branded experience.” This also means that the brand will continue it’s foray into the non-denim market and emerge as a lifestyle brand.

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  1. i don’t think it’s a wise investment for premium denim expanding their business in the world. their jeans are priced doubled in asia; customers now are smart enough to buy premium jeans at the click of a mouse.