Nicole Richie in Custom Paige Premium

Nicole Richie was spotted making her way around California wearing a pair of custom Paige Premium Denim jeans. These look so MUCH like her beachwood washed jeans but they are not (the wash isn’t the same)… Paige confirmed that they are a custom pair Lou Lou fit jean, gifted to her over a year ago. Even though she is totally killing those hems, I really love the way she casually wears these jeans.

Editors note – Paige Premium are also coming out with loads more washes for the Lou Lou jean very soon! It’s a baby bell bottom jean with a classic rise, it’s hard to tell the fit as Nicole wears them really loosely. Nicole is also wearing an LnA Cape Tee, which you can buy at Singer22.


  1. i doubt her jeans are custom made. first they are loose secondly this jeans are too long. i believe paige give jeans to her but def not special made for her.

  2. Yes they were, we have confirmation from Paige, the wash is custom and was given to Nicole about a year ago, you can’t buy this wash anywhere, there was only one made 🙂 Only the wash was specially made, not the fit of the jean, the fit is the standard Lou Lou Tulip jean. For some reason Nicole likes to wear her Paige jeans loosely 🙂

  3. maybe my definition of custom made is strict. the fit and the hem must be tailored to customer. i think the best custom jeans i’ve seen in celebs are from the Olsen Twins’.

  4. Only the wash is custom 🙂 They didn’t change the fit. I don’t think they do change the fit for any of the jeans that are custom like on Miley, Ashley, Rihanna etc, it’s normally only the wash that’s custom. Sorry for the confusion!

  5. I just wanted to let you know that I talked to Paige about these jeans yesterday and they are 100% NOT Lou Lou Tip nor are they custom.

    They were made standard and as they would have been “off the rack”.

    She said they’ve never made a custom pair of Lou Lou’s with a Las Palmas for Nicole or anyone else.

    Liane and I blogged these before, YEARS ago.

    And you are right, Paige is very very sweet.

  6. Well Allie from Paige told us that the wash is a custom wash, not the jean, only the wash and that she gifted them to Nicole ageeees ago. But yes Paige is lovely, she’s a good friend of mine 🙂

    They are definitely not the same jeans we have seen her in before, the wash is completely different, the distressing is in different places to the other pair she has.

    Update: I just got re confirmation they are 100% custom Lou Lou jeans and they have never been blogged before as this is the first time Nicole has worn them. They don’t have a las palmas on the back pocket either, the pockets are plain so I am not sure what you mean about las palmas on the pockets.