Kylie Minogue in Acne Metal Plate Jeans

Kylie Minogue was seen leaving her house in London, England, wearing a pair of Acne jeans with metal plates. We saw a preview of these jeans a while back from their up and coming collection. This is the first time I have seen anyone wearing them! Kylie really rocks these armoured jeans, I didn’t think they would look good on anyone but she has proved me wrong! What do you think of these Acne jeans? They remind me a lot of some of the clothes Michael Jackson used to wear. There jeans are also made to order and cost $2000 as they use real silver! Click here to see another blog post on these jeans.

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  1. i like her style more and more. the fact that she’s willing to take a risk at her age is even more appealing to me.

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