Diesel Black Gold Fall/Winter 2010

Here is a look at all of the denim from the Diesel Black Gold Fall/Winter 2010 show. I watched the entire video from start to finish and it was fantastic! I couldn’t upload it to youtube as it was too large and I am no good and cutting videos in 2 as I am not very computer savvy haha so I found this video already on there. You can watch it by clicking here. Included below are loads of photos in the gallery and the press release for the collection.

A blend of passion and skill reveals the industrial soul of the Diesel Black Gold FW10 collection.

Diesel Black Gold expertise merges seamlessly with creativity, experimentation, craft and technique in the new FW10 collection, which skilfully evokes the brand’s roots and know how.

The collection, industrial in attitude but artisanal at the heart, reveals the Diesel Black Gold woman. Young and urban, with a sophisticated sex appeal, she is assertive and confident with a streak of independent rock and roll spirit. The deceptively simple pieces seem effortless and casual, yet they have an underlying edge of strength. Materials are layered or contrasted to express women’s complexity. Leather is combined with soft and artisanal denim in slim dresses and jumpsuits while velvet is covered with tulle to create delicate metropolitan looks. Leather emerges again in stretch mono-shoulder dresses and soft biker jackets. Delicate metal embroidery, inspired by yarn and denim weave, embraces women’s shapes while wool dresses with a bleached out look turn softness into rebellion. Denim pants are slim-fit, distressed in an artisanal way and hand-treated. Hammered vintage studs reinforce seams while metal rings and airbrush drawings give jackets a punkish attitude. Tulle is layered on denim to inject outfits with an additional dose of softness in contrast with the hardcore soul of accessories. Belts tightly bind the waist with oversized domed metal studs and silver serrated details. Treated crystal and chromed pyramids cover bracelets completing the look.

The Diesel Black Gold man is a city rebel. Military uniforms are reworked into tough outerwear. Conversely, knitwear takes inspiration from vintage undergarments. Protective gear features detachable plastrons of leather vests that gleam with metal hardware. Shirts for daytime and evening also glitter with carapaces of sequins or metallic applications. Techno-voile adds an unexpected poetry to jackets, shirts, knitwear and sneakers. Denim for men is slim-fit, but occasionally shows off this season’s new drop crotch. Tones have the grey or green cast of battledress while a layer of resin is applied on the light Japanese cloth denim.

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