DenimBlog Exclusive: Interview with celebrity stylist Simone Harouche

We got the chance to speak to stylist to the stars, Simone Harouche. It’s really interesting to know what inspires her and how she creates her looks. Ashley Tisdale, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie are a few of Simone’s clients and they all look fantastic, I love how she works with their style and creates the outfits that she does. Simone also has some fantastic custom jeans that she created and the fans of her work will be pleased to know a little something she says at the bottom of her interview! I can’t wait! A huge thank you to Simone for this!

Click here to see celebrities in Simone’s custom jeans.

DB: What inspires you when putting an outfit together?

Simone: That depends, if we are talking about me, or for a client.
I think that for both myself, and my clients, that answer is constantly changing. Sometimes, a client could love a new pair of shoes, and want to create a look around the shoes. Other times, it’s a pant, or a jacket, the list is endless, but there is usually an item or a mood that sets the tone.

DB: Which item are you most likely to start with and then work the rest of the outfit around?

Simone: It’s not one piece in particular, it is different all the time. Could be a piece, could be a mood, could be the event or even could be inspired by the people that will be at the event.

DB: What are your best style tips?

Simone: To feel comfortable in whatever your style is. I am a big believer that when you feel good in your clothes, you look even better!
Another tip I have, is to know your body.
It is important to know what shapes and cuts of clothes look best on you. One shouldn’t wear clothes because they are really in fashion at the moment but don’t flatter their shape.

DB: What do you think is going to be the next big denim trend?

Simone: Denim is so all over the place, it’s hard to forecast. I would say you will be seeing more distressing techniques, also more varieties of interesting color denim washes/dye techniques, softer denim a la “the jegging”, and more embellishments on jeans such as studs, eyelets etc.

DB: What is your favourite denim trend right now?

Simone: I don’t really follow trends, because they are constantly changing. The jeans I custom made for myself 3 years ago, I still wear today. The same brands/fits I wore, I still wear today. I’m a big believer in sticking to what works, you can modernize and update your look, but don’t change your style for a trend that will be here and gone faster than you can say.

DB: We have seen your customized Ashley Tisdale Paige jeans and Miley Cyrus Siwy jeans, will you be customizing any other celebs denim soon?

Simone: I have customized for my other clients too! Christina Aguilera and Nicole richie have a bunch of jeans I have made for them, and they wear them too! I’ve seen the pics.

DB: We haven’t seen them yet, we will be on the look out for them!

DB: What are your favourite denim brands to work with?

Simone: I love Siwy, Paige Premium Denim, and J Brand.

DB: We all love your work, what made you decided to be a stylist?

Simone: Fate. It’s a very long story, but the short version is, I knew I wanted to get into fashion, but didn’t know what I wanted to do. I happened to pass by a boutique in Los Feliz that was owned by a Stylist. She recognized me as someone her little brother used to play with when we were little kids. Asked me what I was up to. I let her know I was graduating college the following month and trying to figure out how and what to do with fashion. (keep in mind I still had no idea she was a very successful stylist) she had me intern for her that summer, and now, 6 years later I’m here, the rest is history!

DB: Do you have a favourite pair of jeans?

Simone: Yes, I do have a pair of favorite jeans. They are vintage Levis 646 bellbottoms from the 70’s. They are highwasted and the denim has been perfectly aged, so they are super soft and comfortable.

DB: What one fashion item could you not live without?

Simone: My cashmere scarves that I bought in India last winter. They are so cozy! Even when the weather is nice, I still wear them!

DB: What do you love most about being a stylist?

Simone: I love the fact that my work is constantly changing from job to job, the focus changes. It’s amazing because projects start and finish so quickly that you never have time to get bored. Your eye is constantly being inspired by new things because of the people you meet and the various jobs you are working on.

DB: Tell us more about what your job involves?

Simone: Everything and anything! I’m serious. I could write a novel on this question alone. But you name it, and it will most likely fall under the “styling umbrella”. As long as you get the job done, the road you took doesn’t matter- the result is the same.

DB: How do you decide to customize jeans? Do the celebrities ask you to?

Simone: I customize jeans for my clients. So I either make them for a specific job, music video, photoshoot etc. or it can happen organically, they will like a pair I made for myself and ask for something similar.

I get inspired by the look and feel of the project and from there, I create. It’s fun, I get to be totally creative and not worry about the end result, because usually, even the mistakes look good! Most of the time, I will start on a pair, with no specific intention in mind of what I want them to look like, but then through the process, they kinda take on a little life of their own.

DB: We see so many gorgeous outfits that you have put together, do you have a favourite one or do any stand out for you?

Simone: There have been so many different looks that have all been fun and unique in their own right. But how could I pick just one? I love my clients all so much, and their style is all so different. I think that’s why I love styling so much, working with my clients allows me to cater to all the aspects of my own personality and style. Some days I am girly, some days, more bohemian, some days I dress in all black with big chunky moto boots, and somedays I’m more classic, it really depends on my mood.

DB: Which is your favourite pair of jeans that you have customized?

Simone: Hmmm, my favorite pair of jeans I customized are a pair of grey J Brand skinnies I made for myself- they are awesome! They are super distressed and covered with paint splatters. Check out the gallery below to see them.

DB: Denim leggings are very hot right now, as a stylist what would you say is the best way to wear them?

Simone: You would wear denim leggings the same way you would wear leggings. They are made for comfort and ease, but are also very cute. You could dress them up or down. I think there are no rules when It comes to things like this. The best way to wear anything is to feel comfortable with your choices, because that’s the only thing that shows- if you feel beautiful and comfortable in your look, people feel that from you and believe it!

DB: That is how I love to wear my denim leggings, just like leggings, with longer tops to cover the butt and crotch area of them.

DB: What do you think makes denim so important in the world of fashion?

Simone: Denim is so important in fashion, because it is one of the great staples, a basic that continues to reinvent itself and stays in style. Denim started for utility purposes, but as denim started to go more mainstream, companies found ways to make denim more and more fashionable. It is so relevant because denim is utility, and mixing utility with fashion is a great coupling.

DB: Would you ever consider bringing out your own fashion line?

Simone: Of course!

I have worked on a few of my friend’s clothing lines as a guest designer for a few brands. I also make my own small line of handbags. Right now, I am just dabbling in it, as styling keeps me very busy. But yes, definitely, I will have a clothing line of my own.

DB: Lastly is there anything else you would like to say that we haven’t asked you?

Simone: No, I think that covers it for now. But I would like to just say, Thank you so much for all your support! I really appreciate that you like my work, and it was my pleasure to do this! Thanks!´╗┐


  1. Great read! Here’s hoping for more interviews with influential people within the fashion industry for DenimBlog- you guys certainly deserve it!

    I really liked how Simone did not favor one client/a particular look. She seems quite well-rounded and open-minded in her work pattern.