Dannii Minogue in Vintage1 Motorcycle Jeans

These photos are from back in August 2009 but we missed it! It’s a really good one so I had to blog it. Dannii Minogue was seen arriving at Heathrow Airport wearing a pair of Vintage1 Motorcycle Skinny Jeans. I absolutely love these! She looks amazing! They fit her perfectly and I love all of the little details on the jeans. I haven’t tried Vintage1 yet but I think I want to! Buy Vintage1 jeans at Singer22.


  1. Serena, I have these (in this color also–Speed). To be honest, they’re not the most comfortable jeans I own. The waistline is pretty tight, and the material isn’t soft. And to add to this, I don’t think they make the legs look all that flattering. Even though they’re skinny jeans, they don’t give a slimming effect to the legs like most other skinnies. I hope this is helpful.

  2. I got my first one a month ago from BTR..can you believe it I got it for $21..I have the Skinny Speed wash exactly like the one Cameron Diaz was wearing in Singer22 photos. I have read a lot of reviews saying its 1/2 size small in the waist area…but I beg to differ. I bought it true to my size and have no problem wearing it. I think because of the style itself and the stitchings around the knees, it kinda bunches up around that area..other than that it’s really nice (added bonus is that I really got it for a low price!)

  3. Wow, I actually prefer these to the Speed wash. I love zipper detail on the pockets and waistband. Does anyone know this wash?