Want Free tickets to Fashion week and Free Jeans?

Now Hiring Community Director

We’ve got a great new position opening up in our jeans forum. We are looking to hire a new Community Director to help lead the forum and also lead the team of moderators. If you love jeans and fashion then we would love to hear from you. Plus, we’ve got some great perks such as free jeans and free tickets to fashion week. Read on to learn all the details.
Our goal is to continue to make HonestForum a great fashion community. Leadership is essential for this community to thrive and we are looking to find a fashion-loving motivated person who will be our community leader.
The community director is expected to help us by hiring and managing great mods, keeping the content fresh and fun, launching new initiatives and generally just keeping the “vibe” of the place really positive. You are to keep an eye on the HonestMall and make sure that people are enjoying that as well.
You are expected to sign in to the forum at least once a day. Just like Diesel and the other brands are always doing interesting advertising campaigns and programs, you too are expected to come up with interesting campaigns to help keep the forum fun and lively. You are expected to hire and manage moderators and lead the moderation team. As with all of the other moderators, please also delete spam and give bannings and warnings to difficult members. Your attitude and behavior in the forums should set an example and uphold our community standards to the highest degree.
Perks of the Job
You will get a great opportunity to lead a small powerful team of moderators to grow and shape Honest Forum. You will be in charge of the HonestForum community and tens of thousands of people that stop by and interact there. You get a new pair of $150 jeans every other month. (Aka $75 a month paid by Paypal). If you would like, you also will have the ability to earn extra money for blog and stickie articles. You will also have access to very exclusive party and event invitations from major denim and fashion companies!
How to apply
It’s easy. Just make a cool, creative blog on Tumblr.com. On that blog please do the following
  • Post a paragraph or two telling us why you would be a great fit to lead our community. Please mention any past leadership experience that you have. Feel free to be creative with the blog.
  • Please give us a few examples of interesting campaigns that you would launch and lead in the community. (example – you taking a picture of your jeans you were going to donate to denimday http://www.denimday.com/ and encouraging other people to do the same and writing a blog post about it ). Please write up an example blog post (or impress us and do a couple) with picture of a cool campaign you came up with.
  • Extra credit- We love photography and pictures. If you would like, feel free to post a picture (or better- pictures) of you in your favorite outfit.
  • Basically, just impress us with your fashion skills, your photography skills, your writing and blogging skills etc.

After you whip up a cool, impressive blog then send the link over to us by emailing editor@denimblog.com . Or, even better, feel free to post your link to your wonderful blog application in the comments below.


  1. I have no interest in being a community leader, but if you want a contributor from NYC who works next (40th + 5th) to Bryant Park at a top Fashion School alongside Anna McCraney (winner of “The Fashion Show”) and sees inspiration every day? Then I’m your girl. I’d love to contribute a column or pictorial expose (bi-weekly?) of the happenings and inspiration denim gives New York City. Without thrusting myself in the same category as “the sart”, I can provide a denim perspective via photos, that, perhaps others can not.

    Fashion Week is next month – I’ll be outside with my camera.

    You let me know.


  2. hi, Im from brazil (rio de janeiro), so i believe i can’t be your community leader, but i would love to work with you… i don’t know exactly what could i do, but i love fashion, i love jeans and i love this blog =) if you have any idea, please let me know!