Vanessa Hudgens Wins Denim Outfit of 2009

vanessa hudgens j brand skinnys

I said to Liznie before this post went live; I bet Vanessa wins this poll. I was right! Congratulations to Vanessa Hudgens and her J Brand jeans! This outfit of hers has been voted the favourite celeb denim outfit of 2009! That is a huge achievement! Here is the poll. She won by a landslide of 340 votes out of 558 (last time I checked)! In second place was her boyfriend Zac Efron and in third place was her best friend Ashley Tisdale. They do make a stylish group of friends. I have always loved this outfit of Vanessa’s ever since I blogged it back in February.


  1. Not a surprise that she won. Of course she was going to win! I’m glad that she did espically by a landslide. I’m glad that she starting to get notcie inthe fashion world as well. She has great career ahead of her. Can’t wait for beastly and SP