Update! Ashley Tisdale & Vanessa Hudgens Win Denim Outfit of 2009!

DenimBlog News Flash! Ashley Tisdale has taken over Vanessa Hudgens #1 spot in the celebrity denim outfit of 2009! She has taken the lead by 91 votes. It’s now 491 to Ashley and 400 to Vanessa! Since this is such a close call between the two of them, I think it’s fair to make them both winners! So Ashley Tisdale in her Free People skinnies and Vanessa Hudgens in her J Brand skinnies, congratulations! You have both won DenimBlog’s top denim outfit of 2009! Both these beautiful ladies have such great taste in denim and fashion, they always dress really well. It’s nice that they are both best friends and they are both winners! Ashley is also DenimBlog’s #1 Denim Diva of 2009! Go Ashley!

You can view the poll by clicking here.

You can view Ashley’s original post here and Vanessa’s original post here.


  1. 2 winners? So close by 91 votes? Wow, I guess congrats to EVERYONE ELSE on the poll for ALL GETTING A TIE FOR SECOND PLACE!!! WAY TO GO GUYS!

  2. 2 winners because the first time round Vanessa Hudgens won by a landslide so we gave the winning post to her but then about 5 days after the poll shot up to Ashley Tisdale winning so they end up both being winners.

  3. Looks like someone’s fanbase was spam voting.

    Either way, nice jeans on both. Congrats. While I like both outfits, I do have to side with the previous majority that Vanessa Hudgens’ overall outfit was the winner.

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