Top Celeb Favorite Outfits of 2009

Okay so I admit it, I was kind of shocked by some of the top choices here. I guess my style radar is off sometimes LOL But we can’t argue with our readers so here is what our DenimBlog readers 2009 Top Celeb Favorite Outfit choices were. Vanessa Hudgens took the lead in the polls with 469 votes! Now this is a bit of a big poll but we were interested to know which celeb outfit is your favorite throughout the whole of 2009. Pick your winner from the favourite outfit images on this blog post (Vanessa Hudgens above and the gallery below).

Which celeb outfit is your favourite for 2009?

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  1. What!? It looks like ashley tisdale is winning, how’d you “know” vanessa was going to win it unless you’re hiding something?

  2. No, Vanessa would win the favourite denim outfit of 2009 because she had the most votes. Ashley won Denim Diva of 2009 for having loads of premium denim and being blogged in it the most 🙂

  3. Oh my bad, Im sorry you emeant for a different poll. Heheh sorry, I guess I just love ashley tisdale cause she has a real sense of style other than “urban outfitter mannequin theif” like all the 20-25 yr olds in Los Angeles.

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