Tom Cruise knows how to dress up denim!

Seriously, who else can look this at ease and just plain HOT standing next to another guy wearing a tux?! Tom Cruise knows how to wear his denim! Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Lawrence Bender arrive at the NY Times Style Magazine’s Golden Globe Awards Cocktail at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, California. Now this is the RIGHT way to dress up a pair of dark denim (I’m pretty sure these are his Ralph Lauren Jeans), wear black leather, black shoes and a hot younger female in a little black dress on your arm. Ahhh just give him some aviators and he is still Top Gun to me!

Photos Courtesy of WireImage


  1. are you sure these are Ralph Lauren? ironic that i came to this website looking for a pic of these fanstastic jeans that i saw in this very pic in some tabloid rag, AWESOME!. I love these jeans, email me if you are sure they are Ralph Lauren, they look to me to be way too cool to be Ralph Lauren jeans, which suck, frankly..I wear Capital E Skinner’s normally, and these jeans are love to have a pair, get back to me when you can.

  2. They are the Rodeo Ralph Lauren collection (RRL) Tom wears Ralph Lauren jeans quite a lot of the time 🙂 They seem to be a favourite of his 🙂