Miley Cyrus in Customized Siwy Paint Splattered Jeans

Miley Cyrus has been out and about a lot lately! She was spotted yesterday at the Coffee Bean before she made her way to a hair salon in Beverly Hills, California. She wore a pair of customized by Simone Harouche paint splattered and distressed Siwy jeans in Loyal Wash. Simone loves to customize with paint! She has previously done Miley’s Denim Vest and Ashley Tisdale’s Paige Premium jeans. I think they are really hot and she wears them well! It’s cute that Miley sticks to her southern roots with her cowboy boots.


  1. what is going on in the back of her shirt?!?!?!
    its lyk..NON-EXISTANT.

    cnt say she looks like a good role model for teens anymore..

  2. I love the jeans! I want customized jeans! Love the boots too. She does have really good style, not sure about the back of the shirt though. I don’t care that it is missing, it is just kinda a weird design. Love the jeans though!

  3. I know, the jeans are gorgeous! Simone does a great job! I don’t mind the back of her top is missing, she’s 17, it’s not like her boobs are showing, the front is covered and her bra isn’t even on show, that’s the back of the top 🙂 I think it’s really cute 😀 But the jeans are beautiful!

  4. I love the jeans but the overall outfit is just to much if your going to wear an outfit with so much pattern keep it either on the top or bottom.

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