Miley Cyrus in Customized Siwy Jeans again

Out on a dinner date with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth in Hollywood, Miley Cyrus got snapped by the paps wearing her customized Siwy jeans again. Apparently they both entered the Katsuya restaureant at different entrances so they would not get papped together… I think now we have seen them out together all the time and holding hands, it’s safe to say they are a couple. I wonder why she wants to hide it? He’s a very hot guy, even though he’s not pictured here. I still love these jeans, Simone Harouche did a great job on them!

In other Miley related news, Hannah Montana will be filming it’s final season (season 4) due to start shooting this month. Good news though, even though the filming has ended, Disney will still air the episodes for at least a year so it’s not officially over yet all you Hannah Montana fans!

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