LOOK BOOK: Democracy of Nevermind Spring/Summer 2010

Here is a look at Democracy of Nevermind’s Spring/Summer 2010 Look Book. I also included some information on the collection itself.

Democracy of Nevermind’s (DoN for short) first collection embodies the spirit of the 60’s youth revolution with a new found freedom for expression that is tantalizing as much as it is liberating. Of course with jeans being the conscious uniform of this movement it is only befitting that DoN pays homage to this era for its first collection.

The follow-your impulse hedonism that was the lingering legacy of the ’60’s is perfectly captured in the denim as well as its woven collection. Bold prints and colors are offset by cool pastel washed denim that come in a variety of styles.

For women, sporty jumpsuits come in faded denim that is acid washed and elasticated in the middle. Mini’s come in a variety of pastel colors with zips running across the middle or the side seams.

Denim vests come in multitude of styles- cut off, a la James Dean, studded and with motorcycle zip detailing. The pastel vintage washes add an element of softness and youthful sprit. Some highlights are the ÔÇÿmirror ball’ studs that run down the sides of the jean that is reminiscent of the start of the disco era. Zips and metal ring snaps are placed in unexpected areas which adding a cheeky element of surprise.

DoN salutes America in particular with the flag print. America catapulted the youth revolution to the forefront through its music as well as pop culture. For men, the denim also exhibits a variety of vintage effects such as wear and tear and subtle rips. Wovens include oversized plaids in varying bold colors as well as the classic gingham shirt with gradation effect. Outerwear includes light ÔÇÿjock’ jackets as well as a motorcycle jacket in faded black. Vest hoodies with double zip detailing also are made in vintage black.

Various innovative washing techniques have been developed for this collection such as ÔÇÿsnow washing’ and ÔÇÿrain’ washing which add subtle texture to the jean. Bleach dying also adds a fun stripe effect as if the jeans were painted on by rollers. Gradation washes come to play in array of stunning colors such as ice violet and blue.

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  1. Democracy of Nevermind is my absolute FAVORITE new brand. So edgy, so effortlessly cool! And affordable!!! I’d been following their Facebook page, but now they have their own website with a really great blog on it! DemocracyofNevermind.com!