Jessica Alba in MiH Pleated Denim Trousers


Update! Jessica is wearing MiH Lisbon Jean in Atlantic. Buy it here.

Hello 1980’s we are officially back! Jessica Alba was spotted out in Mom jeans pleated trousers and I’m not sure who makes these ones? Current/Elliott makes a pair, but these aren’t quite the same… I think pleated trousers can be pulled off, but I don’t quite think that Jessica does that here. They need a girlier shirt and some heels to avoid the “Mom Jeans” look. Honor looks adorable in her denim vest though!


  1. I agree this is not my favorite style on her. It would be hard to pull these jeans off unless you dressed them up. Not a fan of the style, maybe if I see them worn different ways they will grow on me.

  2. Thanks I was wondering if they were MiH but I thought the bottom hem on her’s looked thicker than MiH, but since they emailed that is great 🙂

    Also-Thanks Sara and Karl for the comments!