Diesel Matic 8B3

Diesel have just released a brand new jean for this season called Matic 8B3. I have been waiting a very long time for Diesel to bring out a jean that has distressing just like this, it’s been a long time coming. I think these jeans are gorgeous! I haven’t worn Diesel in a while due to me branching out and trying loads of other brands. I used to be a huge fan and I have quite a collection of Diesel jeans. Seeing these now makes me want to buy them and jump back on the Diesel bandwagon again. I wish they had stretch in them though, they are 100% cotton. Matic has always been my absolute favourite cut, it’s so flattering but the 100% cotton doesn’t seem to suit my body the best. What do you think of their new jean? It reminds me a lot of my Dylan George Lucy jeans in Czar, maybe that’s why I love these so much. They are going on my wish list! But with a price tag of £200 I think it might be a while before I actually own these beautiful skinnies. I’m hoping Vanessa Hudgens or another celeb will be spotted in these soon so I can blog them. Buy these jeans at Diesel.

diesel matic 8b3 jeans 2


  1. I don’t know how I feel about that top ad, especially given the fact that the model looks underage and has such dark circles under her eyes. I know Diesel is notorious for their R-rated ads, but this one in particular just seems in poor taste. I don’t care if the model is *actually* underage – should companies be slapping “sex sells” on a model who appears (in face & body) to be well under 18? Not to mention, what are those dark circles about? I really hope we’re not returning to the heroin chic style of advertising.

    Other than that, I do like the jeans. I just wish Diesel could find a classier way to sell their product. You know what would be great – a picture of a model having fun in Diesel jeans. Not one looking like she’s half-awake & being stalked by a pedo during her 3-day drug binge.

  2. i hear some designers will send bloggers free jeans. any luck from Diesel?
    Elle MacPherson and Courtney Love are fans of Diesel jeans too. maybe we’ll see them wearing your fav jeans soon.

  3. i swear Elle must be reading your blog. she just wears exactly the same jeans as you posted here.

  4. does anyone know how these jeans are fitting? like other diesel matics? True to size? small? thanks!

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