DenimBlog’s Top 3 Denim Guys of 2009

We also tallied up the guys results and picked our top 3 Denim Guys of 2009. The guys were not too popular on the blog this year and didn’t wear a lot of denim but there were 3 who stood out as our most popular. Keep reading to find out.

#3 David Beckham (score 9) David Beckham was spotted in 2 brands this year PRPS and Dior Homme. He seems to love these 2 brands a lot. He also wore a denim shirt as well, he was keeping on trend with his denim in 2009.

david beckham 3

#2 Taylor Lautner (score 13) Taylor was seen wearing more of a variety of brands through out the year including Paige Premium (PPD), Diesel, Levi’s and J Brand Denim Co. He’s quickly come on the scene after his fame in Twilight and he has a great sense of style.

taylor lautner 2

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#1 Zac Efron (score 41) Zac Efron really took the lead in our final top 3 denim guys of 2009. He has a really fashionable style, he wore quite a few of the trends like double denim, denim shirts and jackets and his love for raw denim really makes him a denim enthusiast. He wore a lot of brands like Diesel, APC, Nudie, April 77, G-Star, Dior Homme, Levi’s and more! A lot of our male readers seem to love Zac’s style and always ask where he got his clothes. It definitely fits that he is our #1!

zac number1


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