Angelina Jolie in J Brand

Angelina Jolie was seen at Whole Foods Market with daughters Zahara and Shiloh wearing J Brand Leggings in Pitch. Angelina is currently shooting the action flick ‘The Tourist’ a role she has taken over after Charlize Theron dropped out. The movie will also star Johnny Depp, now that is an action movie with star power. Buy these jeans at J Brand.

Editors note – So do you think the split is true? Her and Brad made such a good couple. I hope they can patch things up if they are having a hard time.


  1. The split isn’t true. The allegations were founded on the fact that brad and angie were seen at their lawyer’s office, presumably to file separation papers. They were only there to establish a plan for their children if something happened to one of them because they aren’t legally married. I hope they never break up !! 🙂

  2. Oh I thought they went to sort out an agreement as to who would have the children and who gets what money if they break up. But that in itself does lead me to wonder why they would even think of doing that if they are happily together, surely somethings up for them to think they need to sort that out just ‘in case’ anything happens? I hope they don’t break up either, they look like a really nice family 🙂

  3. I think they did break up!! I saw it on a french reporting! They said it was because of brad`s infidelity, and because of jolie`s agressivity, who started to scare brad… I believe they did, and i think it`s time they do… Besides, no hollywood couple ever lasts… I dont like them at all, together, or separatly… Plus brad has begun to become sooooo ugly, no wayy! He looks like robinson crusoe…