Adam Lambert in Diesel & ‘BE STUPID’ ads

Adam Lambert and a female friend were seen at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California, catching a flight to Chicago where he filmed an episode on Oprah. Adam was wearing a pair of Diesel Poiak 8ZB jeans tucked into his boots. Buy these jeans at

In other Diesel related news: Bruno Collin, the founder and publisher of WAD magazine and former editor-in-chief of Sportswear International France, has been appointed artistic director of Diesel clothing. The new Diesel brand communication for 2010, “Be Stupid”, has kicked off in Berlin and will explode across the world from February on with activities of traditional and alternative media, in-store actions and guerrilla stunts that will bring the campaign’s (and the brand’s) manifesto and philosophy to life.

You can watch the “BE STUPID” video here.

Diesel Black Gold (brand Adam Lambert wears/likes) will be clearly separated creatively from Diesel and the upcoming New York fashion show (scheduled for February 16th) will see the presentation of the first women’s collection designed by Greek designer Sophia Kokosalaki.

Also included are some of the ‘BE STUPID’ ads that Diesel have created. I think the adverts are pretty funny but I don’t agree fully with the concept, it is fun to do some things but I am a pretty responsible girl myself so I guess it counts me out haha.


  1. The “friend”is always by his side. Who is she? Must be someone in his entourage. Would love to know

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