7 For All Mankind’s Women’s Summer 2010 Collection

7 For All Mankind are releasing their new items of clothing which will be available around April, for their new Summer 2010 collection. They describe the lines as an whimsical, dramatic and adventurous collection that retains the brand’s signature sexy sophistication. I’m loving those ombre purple and blue Gwenevere skinnies and the studded shorts and so many of the tanks and tops! They have got a fantastic collection.
The collection channels a spirit of exotic wanderlust across both the sportswear and denim styles. On denim visual interest and emotion is enhanced by applying color and bleach to 7 For All Mankind’s most popular silhouettes. These “Engineered Authentic”pieces mimic the natural and sometimes accidental aging process of garments. The Josefina in Bizarre wash perfectly exemplifies the spirit of the collection with its worn down super-bleached look. Grinding throughout the garment creates character while bleach spots add the perfect highs and lows. The use of unique embellishments also characterizes the collection.Chains,studs and other metallic elements are used throughout to add emotional history to key pieces. On the stormy grey Underground wash,a delicate row of hematite crystals and black-toned pewter studs dress up the leg. This “Eclectic Gilding”moves novelty off the back pocket to the entire garment.
Trends: Off pocket novelty, Studs,crystals, sequins and embellishment, Metal chains, Bleach spots and marbling, Color, Ombre.

Sunglasses and optical glasses price range $55-150.

To view the men’s collection, click here.


  1. OMG I have always loved 7FAM but I almost peed in my pants when I saw the beauty of these pieces. I am still shaking OMG those studded shorts are life !!! I knew studs+denim would become very big but not that much this is absolutely the best colection the ombre is perfect. The glasses are chic and affordable ! SEVEN FOR ALL MANKIND is the S**T I am a very big fan of seven. Every other denim brand exept C/E and JB can all go bankurpt cause we have seven OMG

  2. They even have raw denim for guys now so they can break their 7s like Nudies and A.P.C. and stil have the sevens branding this compagny is the best in world

  3. Lorna you remember the 7FAM x Emilio Pucci collaboration ? http://missylovely.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/080207_p7e.jpg
    I was in Winners (a store like TJ Maxx in Canada)and found them they only had my size and were only 55$ !!! The dark wash is incredible and the logo on the back pocket is incredible !!! There should be more collaboration between denim brands !!! Do you often find jeans in liquidation stores and do you buy most of your jeans on sale or regular price ???

  4. Hi Liza 🙂
    Yeah, I think there should be more collaborations too, that would be really great. We have stores like T J Maxx here, it’s called TK Maxx, they often don’t have very good stuff though. I buy most of my jeans in the sale yeah, it’s easier that way and I use ebay a lot of the time (always make sure they are authentic) you can get some amazing deals on there, especially when stuff is listed badly 🙂

  5. listed badly means they just put something like ‘Diesel Jeans’ as the title and they don’t put anything else so they don’t come up in the search engine. It takes a tonne of time searching through though but if you have the patience it can pay off 🙂

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