Zac Efron in APC

Zac Efron wore his APC Petite Standard jeans on a trip to Aspen for the 2009 USPA World Snow Polo Championship. I was searching for a while trying to figure out Zac’s jeans, I finally found some butt shots yesterday and I recognized them. He’s worn APC quite a few times before but now he has a new pair. They look like they are raw denim judging by the honeycombs on the back of the knees. Zac really loves his raw denim, what with his Nudie’s, G-Star Raws and other APC jeans. How cute are those doggies?! I’m excited to see how these jeans will look once they get fades and break in more.


  1. I just cannot get into APC. I don’t like the color nor the fit. I generally think Efron has good taste in terms of the fit of his jeans and even these don’t look that great on him. Well at least I know that rules out APC for my next pair of raws.

  2. What kind of type the jeans that Zac wears??
    not the picture he’s walking, first pic it looks like petit standard raw indigo, but how about the jeans on Championship? is it raw?

  3. I thought they were all the same pair just different lighting in the snow photos? They look exactly the same in details, just a lighter shade against all the brightness in the photo.

    I know APC is not for everyone, they don’t suit some people, they are not a very versatile jean in terms of fitting everyone.

  4. have finally found out what these jeans are. I had a feeling they were not APC but could never find a match – until now. They are Marc by Marc Jacobs Blue Uniform Denim

    was in Saks Fifth Ave today and came across them… cannot believe they were still in a store, considering they were from ’09.

  5. I really found out by luck. I had no idea what they were and just accepted the idea they were APC because the pockets design definitely looked similar to APC, but there was the detailing by the belt loops on the back, as seen in this picture, that made me still question it.

    I had kept my eye out for a similar wash of denim ever since, hoping to find a exact match or something similar, and happened to come across these Marc Jacobs jeans in a store. they caught my eye because of the color of the wash, and then I looked at the pockets and the detailing by the back belt loops and then I looked at the pictures again and everything matched. bought them on sale for $75 and am stoked about it

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