Is North Korea The Newest Fashion Capital?


One of the most undercover nations in the world has apparently caught on to the denim trend. The Swedish department store, PUB, has released a collection of jeans from made entirely in North Korea, called NoKo Jeans.

The founders, Jakob Ohlsson, Jacob Aastroem and Tor Rauden Kaellstigen said their project stemmed from a desire to make contact with the isolated communist state. While the company was at an advantage, as Sweden holds one of the only Seven embassies in North Korea, it took nearly two years to negotiate the now 1,100 limited edition line. After many trials and tribulations, including being turned down by North Korea’s largest textile maker, the jeans, the cut, the make and trim – is all done in North Korea.

The jeans are being sold for around $220 but not only will the hefty price tag be keeping North Koreans from buying them, but also because jeans are banned in the country. Jeans are seen as a symbol of imperialism, especially United States, a particularly taboo subject. Therefore, they will be offered in black, rather than the traditional blue of denim.

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  1. uhm well actually its a separate brand or whatever you want to call it. noko jeans that is. pub is a store in stockholm, sweden that was supposed to sell the jeans but didnt.