DenimBlog Exclusive: Interview With Levi’s

We managed to get an interview with Levi’s Visual Merchant, Benoit Tordeur. They talk to us about styling tips, what’s hot and what will be big next season, their favourite jeans and more. Keep on reading to find out more. A huge thank you to Levi’s for this. You can also read Levi’s holiday styling tips by clicking here.

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DB: Which Levi’s jeans do you love working with most?

Dark finish leggings and destructed boyfriend jeans.

DB: Which Levi’s jean is the most popular over all?

Skinny jeans (legging, skinny boot, low skinny) are our most popular style right now.

DB: Which trend have you loved the most so far?

The Boyfriend as it is the most versatile fit. It can be dressed up or down, with flats or Louboutin’s.

DB: Which trend do you wish would go away?

Over the top embellishment, rhinestones and crazy back pocket stitching.

DB: Do you have a favorite Levi’s jean you love to wear? Why?

Customized 501, pegged leg, slightly oversized. I love it because it is the only one like that. You can’t find it in the stores. They are my own and allow me to show belts really nicely (I love a good accessory in an outfit).

DB: What is the biggest denim crime you could commit?

A short bootcut with high heels.

DB: What is your best styling tip?

Always pick the jeans that fit your body the best!

DB: Who is your favorite celebrity you would love to see in Levi’s?

Drew Barrymore

DB: What trend is going to be huge next season?

Clean finishes vs destructed finishes. We need both in our closet. Also, overalls, coveralls and other workwear trends.

DB: How would you describe your style?

Eclectic, authentic, unpredictable, elegant and always with a neck treatment.

DB: If you were only allowed to take 1 pair of jeans away with your for a month, what would you pick?

A pair of 1947 501 selevedge jeans with suspenders buttons.

DB: What is your styling tip for wearing boyfriend jeans?

Complement any Boyfriend look with a feminine element (top or accessories).

DB: I love Denim Leggings, do you think they will be as big next season?

Even BIGGER!!!!