Denim Junkie’s Custom Painted Jeans


The Denim Junkie website has been redone and they have implemented something new that might appeal to you! A custom, hand-painted denim gallery! Click here to go to the website. When you are there, you click on ÔÇÿCustom Shop’ to view and get the specifics. These are all one-of-a-kind, hand-painted denim that are now available for purchase. These designs are only available from the online site at the moment. You can choose from one of the already-existing designs OR you can customize your own. The prices of these jeans will vary depending on the design and will range from $400-$2,000. When a design is gone, it’s gone – it will not be remade or replicated.


  1. These are ugly as hell and I would rather spend 2000$ on Balmaid than these horrible things and the denim is not even pretty !

  2. Aleda,
    To each his own, but I think this is great artwork, maybe not your style, but nonetheless, still great artwork. I do not think I’d have the dignity to say that something I disliked was “ugly as hell”.

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