Denim Brands: Mondo Jeans

AZB_2921 (Large)

Mondo Jeans was established in 1983, in Istanbul, Turkey. In the late 80s they started to sell in south Africa and the Middle East. Years after their success had expanded to Russia, Siberia and Ukraine, in the mid 90s, they started to export to europe and the USA. Today they export to over 40 countries all around the world.

The Mondo collection is sold exclusively in leading, cutting edge High-End stores. The stylish look comes not only from the cut, but also from the special fabric and design. the “high tech” fabrics and the hand made details make their product unique, stylish and comfortable. They draw their inspiration from young people and their lifestyles. Combining this with the strong European flavor of its origins, their fashion lies in its contrasting yet complementary features. Mondo men are individualists who know how to get the most out of life and see clothes as an expression of their personality and lifestyle. They produce shirts, jeans, pants, long-sleeve T-shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, blazers and other accessories.