Brooklyn Bandit Jeans Co.


One of the latest lines out of New York, is Brooklyn Bandit Company. They’ve created a sophisticated, yet urban Spring 2010 Collection for men. The focus is combining street style and art in a jean, stemming from the brand’s New York roots. Fabrics were imported from around the world and months were spent to perfect every last detail, from fit to distressing.

The original idea for Brooklyn Bandit came from designer, Niket Pandya, who started purchasing apparel from the underground fashion movement in New York, then selling them to suburban dwellers in New York, New Jersey and the surrounding areas. After bringing awareness to the underground movement, Pandya decided to establish his own brand, which was released in April 2008.

The winter collection was released in November and can be purchased at You can view the collection in the gallery below.


  1. Worst company! Niket Pandya, or whatever his name is literally “stole” my money! I ordered 2 jeans and never received them. Then he stopped replying to my emails once he knew he screwed up and never reimbursed them or sent another pair. Please don’t order from these guys they are thieves and there business is some of the most disgraceful customer service I’ve ever seen. They don’t take care in proper shipping and then if your order never reaches say bye bye to your hard earned money. Worst.

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