Ashley Tisdale in Siwy


Ashley Tisdale picked up some coffee at her favourite place ‘Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’ in Los Angeles, California, with her boyfriend Scott Speer. She was wearing her black Siwy Hannah skinny jeans with an oversize ‘I love NY’ hoody and converse. Buy these jeans at Shopbop. Scott’s jeans were also ID’d by Liznie as A&F. Ashley is in our DenimBlog’s top 10 Denim Divas of 2009, which will be released very soon, what position do you think she is?


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  1. 10th…i dno
    Ashley no doubt has an extremely large number of jeans in her collection, but her style is such a roller-coaster.
    one day she looks amazing, and the next she looks blah…
    i think the top denim divas need to be consistent, someone like Nicole Richie or Vanessa Hudgens

  2. we are doing this years based on how many brands they own and how many times they were blogged so that’s how it will be calculated, based on how much they wore denim and how many brands they had 🙂 I think she looks great when she dresses up, I guess this kind of outfit is just for running some quick errands so she wants comfort 🙂

  3. i agree with Amy but i see Lorna point as well. in order not to confuse readers, maybe the title of top denim diva coule be changed to who’s wearing cooler jeans in 2009 or something like that.

    just my 2 cent and i hope i don’t offense editors for chanllenging your ideas.

  4. Ashley did have quite a lot of the hottest jeans, acid washed jeans, tie dye jeans, customized paige premium jeans which were paint splattered, shredded jeans, normal jeans and studded shorts etc, she wore all of the trends 🙂

  5. spot on Lorna.

    don’t forget to include Lindsay Lohan. she wore Balmain jeans of which many girls are jealous!!!