Skinny Jeans with Skinny Genes!


Popular brand, Red Engine is bringing science to denim. They recently teamed up with scientists at DOW XLA, to stop gravity! The Fall ’09 collection will feature DOW XLAÔäóRe:Flex4Ôäó Fiber. This technology will reduce the wrinkling and sagging that frequently occurs after a couple hours of wear. It keeps the jeans’ silhouette, minimizing sagging, 4 way-stretch and keeping jeans skinny.

The collection is available at boutiques nationwide, retailing for $144-170. You can read more about Red Engine or DOW XLA on their websites.


  1. Hola, mi nombre es Sabrina y estube buscando por internet, fue entonces que encontre tu blog, el cual me gusto mucho, el cual es bastante agradable para leer. Regreso la proxima semana para leerte de nuevo. Saludos Sabrina

  2. I just bought these jeans! — they have a double button waistband and are super comfortable and flattering! I could do yoga in these jeans I think. Love them!

  3. I consider myself a skinny jeans fan and I have not heard of Red Engine. Am I living under a rock.:) I hope I never get to the point where it takes scientists to make me look good in my jeans. But if I do…Thanks Red Engine! Great blog.

  4. or even better the tune Skinny Genes! have a listen… Eliza Doolittle, found it funny because it fit in with this thread perfectly!