Robert Pattinson in…

Wherever Robert Pattinson Goes...A Crowd Is Sure To Follow!

Denim and Thread and Levi’s oh my!

Edward Cullen Robert Pattinson needs to wear denim more often! STAT! I think Diesel should gift him some jeans right away! RPat wears Denim and Thread jeans while he is out and about and also wears Levi’s in the movie Twilight. So are you Team Edward or Team Jacob??? Ashley Tisdale is Team Edward from her water bottle…

The Twilight Mania continues…

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  1. Team edward of course! Although I like jacob and I find him hot in the movie(that i havent seen yet and that i`m gonna see tomorrow) but of course team edward and team vampires coz I loooooooooooooove Alec Volturi!

  2. Denim Blog why would you say DIESEL.

    I would like to see him in some Citi’s, Paige , and AG-ED Denim… in no particular order. I love all 3 brands and they would look killer on him. Diesel is kind of getting to mass market

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