Paige Premium Denim Leggings

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We have already seen Heidi Klum sporting a pair of Black Paige Premium Denim Legging jeans but Paige Premium has brought out a whole collection! I was so excited when I found out a while back that she was going to be releasing these; my favourite denim trend from one of my favourite brands! There are 6 styles so far but that is not it, more will be released soon. There are the denim leggings that look a lot like jeans with the stitching and the material, then there are what I call the middle ground for a denim legging which is soft and super stretchy but still fitted like a jean and then lastly there are the actual denim leggings, they have no pockets and no jean style stitching, they are just leggings made from super stretchy denim.

The Paige Premium Denim Legging Collection is created from the highest quality fabric aimed to minimize any imperfections and highlight a woman’s best assets for a smooth and sexy fit. They are designed to have the perfect fit and suit your body shape without looking too squashed like some denim leggings can make anyone look. The denim boasts more than double the percentage of elasticity to create a 360 degree stretch jean, designed to extend and lengthen in every direction for the most flattering fit possible. Check out the gallery below to see the collection.

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