Kristen Stewart in…

Kristen Stewart is seen arriving to a North Hollywood Production office

Anlo, Hudson, DKNY, DL1961, Karen Walker Acid Wash Dress and PRPS oh my!

Bella Swan Kristen Stewart has been checked in Anlo, Hudson, a DKNY jean jacket for Nylon Magazine, a Karen Walker Acid Wash Dress and PRPS for Teen Vogue. I gotta catch up with this girl more often!

It’s Twilight Mania!! Stay tuned for more Twilight stars in denim coming soon at the Denimblog near you!

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  1. Thank you! I wanted to ask u a question: did u ever get to meet personnally with celebs? Do they always go out surrounded by bodyguards, and if they do, how do you always manage to picture them without the bodyguards showing?

  2. I don’t live in LA so we use photos that taken by the paparazzi. People like Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale etc don’t go out with body guards but others like Mariah Carey do. The paparazzi are really good at getting photos but they can cause accidents and are invasive sometimes. I’ve only met a couple of celebs but I do know a lot of the top denim designers from J Brand, R&R, Frankie B and I’m good friends with Paige. Hope that helps you 🙂 I also heard Mariah has an entourage of like 20 people lol.

  3. Oh my god!! Only 20 people? poor her! Yea but I mean people like katie holmes, salma hayek, anne hathaway, jessica alba, megan fox, do have bodyguards right?

  4. I don’t see them with them, I’m sure they do for some events and things but I never see them out with them when they are just running errands. I’m not 100% sure. I know selena Gomez has to have one with her, her parents make her lol.

  5. Looool:p So they dont go out with a whole bunch of bodyguards around them everytime they want to go out and buy coffee or go to a restaurant or just go for a walk like i thought they did… So people who go to LA can meet em just like that in the street? U see megan fox on the other side of the road, u cross it just to go say hi?:P impossible, they`d have like million fans aroud em!!

  6. I don’t know how it works really lol I don’t live in LA but I’m sure you could go up and say hi maybe, maybe they do have some kind of security holding back and not right next to them? Since people don’t know where they are as it’s not published that they are going shopping then I don’t think fans could crowd around, they might be at school and at work etc 🙂

  7. Who knows which jeans she is wearing???
    They are definitely not Anlo, Hudson, DKNY, DL1961, or PRPS… but very nice…

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