DenimBlog Exclusive: Readers Interview With Paige Adams-Geller

Paige herself 2

A little while back we gave you the chance to submit your questions for a readers interview with Paige Adams-Geller, the founder and designer of Paige Premium Denim. She has been super busy lately promoting her new seasons collection but she took the time out to answer your questions in depth. Keep reading for the interview. A huge thank you to Paige for doing this for us and thank you to everyone who submitted your questions, we couldn’t use them all but we did use most of them.

Anna: Do you act as the fit model for your own label?

I do act as my own fit model and cross fit on others. I have a regular model that comes in because my schedule gets crazy, but I see things best on my body when it comes to design. It’s how I learned about design.

Bec: Knowing that Paige already has a huge and growing celebrity fan-base, what makes Paige jeans, the jean for every-one?

There are so many different styles to choose from; there is bound to be a style just for you. Pick a rise, pick a leg shape, pick a wash and go. I probably have that kind of jean for you!

Adam: What is your favourite film?

My favorite film is “Little Miss Sunshine.” I was little Miss Sunshine when I was growing up, I looked just like her. I am also obsessed with Hugh Grant movies. “Notting Hill” is one that I can watch over and over and over.

Lorna: What is your favourite colour?

My favorite color is pink and I don’t think that there is anything prettier than green shades found in nature!

Bec: What would you say to someone who hasn’t yet purchased a Paige Jean that was looking to make a good jean-investment?

If you have never bought a pair of Paige Denim, think about what you are in need of or want. What is the purpose – a going out jean, a work jean, a classic? What kind of shoes do you like to wear? Then we go from there to decide what is best for your body shape, purpose, and lifestyle. The foundation of Paige is based on the quality of fabric, fit and finish (the wash and details). I promise the investment will be worth it.

Jen: Do you enjoy designing men’s or women’s denim more? How’re they different?

I enjoy designing both equally. I like the challenge of mens, making sure it is masculine and cool. Experimenting with washes is so much fun, that is mostly what men’s design is about for me. I LOVE designing women’s because silhouettes are so much fun to work on. Details, sex appeal and shape is what women’s is about for me. I just love designing period.

Anna: This is a random one, have you ever met Tory Burch? I feel like you’d be good friends…

Yes, I have met Tory Burch. We were chosen as SHOP etc. Magazine’s top new designers to watch for in 2005 and we had lunch together in NYC with the other designers. She is lovely!

Dian: Since other brands have been starting “recession collections” have you considered that and do you think it brings a brand “down” or hurts the brand name if you do something like this? I.E. Start a lower cost collection?

I do think that a company needs to protect itself and its brand value. While I do believe a company needs to work with its customers and retailers during a recession, a company has to keep its reputation. I recommend staying within certain price brackets and not losing the reputation for good quality. Starting a new lower price line is a good idea but can also be risky. Marketing a new line takes a lot of time and energy. However I would rather have a separate line at a lower price point than devalue the Paige brand and reputation.

Bec: As the company and brand have been growing over the past five years, do you have any *surreal* moments you’d like to share with your fans?

The most surreal moment was when I launched at the Coterie show in NY. We had people in the aisles crowded around to see the product and get in my booth to write the line. I had been so nervous about the launch and I was scared no one would come, so I was really excited with the turnout. Another time I was in Florence, Italy and saw someone walk by me wearing Paige. I thought wow, Paige is International! Another time, before I even launched the line, I was fitting my first proto’s for the Laurel Canyon style and the front desk buzzed me and said that People magazine was on the phone and a writer wanted to meet with me to tell my story. I thought it was a joke. I about fainted, I really had to pinch myself. And now…I still do! I am so happy with my career and can’t imagine doing anything else.

Michelle: Will you be coming out with a cut for girls with smaller waists and bigger thighs? I would love to wear Paige but they don’t suit my body shape.

Yes, I have a style called the Montecito. It is specifically designed for the smaller waist, athletic thighs, or curvy figure and rounder derriere. Check it out on

Jen & Ali: What direction would you like to see your line go in? Branching out into accessories or other clothes or sticking with denim?

I would love to branch out with more product. Shoes and handbags are a dream. Anything and everything that goes with denim!

Lorna: What is the biggest denim crime you could commit?

The biggest denim crime you can commit is panties hanging out above your jeans!

Bec: What are some up and coming projects in the works now?

I can’t talk about my upcoming projects – they are top secret! But I assure you DenimBlog will keep you posted ASAP.

Jen: Do you have a favourite jean/cut/wash?

I would have to say my favorite jean is the Skyline Ankle Peg because it goes with all of my shoes. I can wear it with gladiator heels, tuck it in my boots or throw on my flip flops or sandals and go. It’s so flattering if you are tall like me or petite. My favorite wash of the moment is Mineral. I am also obsessed with our denim leggings in the Vinyl wash and the Dusk wash. I had them on while on the plane heading home from NY – so comfy!

Lorna: What are your vices?

My biggest vice is shoes, shoes and more shoes. Also puppies, I need more puppies, I have to pet every one I walk by, I can’t help it. I just love them.

Adam: What is your favourite country/landmark/place you have visited?

My favorite place I have ever visited is Capri, Italy, Sienna, Italy, Florence, Italy and Sardinia, Italy. I just love Italy. The food, the people, the architecture, the scenery, the mediterranean, the gelato… I can’t wait to go back.

Lorna: Did you have any childhood hobbies?

My childhood hobbies were singing, musical theatre, playing the piano, and making clothes and cookies for my Barbies and for myself. Oh boy, could I eat cookies!

Bec: If there were ÔÇÿjeans commandments’, what would be your top commandments buyers should follow?

Thou Shalt not show butt cleavage.

Thou Shalt not expose muffin top.

Thou Shalt not wear ill-fitting jeans just to be trendy.

Thou shalt not wear baggy diaper-butt jeans.

Adam: What is your favourite song?

My favorite song is sappy. I love Faith Hill so my favorite song is “Breathe” but I can’t just stop at 1 favorite song! I am obsessed with Kings of Leon “Sex on Fire” and I can listen to Maroon 5’s “Harder to Breathe” without ever getting sick of it. When I am feeling down, I need to listen to Keith Urban’s “Somebody Like You” and “Who Wouldn’t Want To Be Me.” My whole company is kind of about “LA Woman” by the Doors, which is also one of my favorites. Those songs are just some of my favorites, I am a music junkie!

Jen: What do you think is going to be the next big denim trend?

The next big denim trends will be all about leggings, jeggings and more leggings and jeggings in all kinds of washes and colors. I am really excited about our Stratus, Coal, Mystery and Coast washes. Also keep an eye out for lots of baby blues this Spring. Baby blue is the new white!



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