Denim Leggings As Maternity Wear

maternity denim leggings

To all you lovely ladies who are expecting a baby, (congratulations), are you wearing denim leggings as well as your maternity jeans? I mean the denim leggings without any pockets which really are just like normal leggings. Since they are super stretchy, soft, so comfortable and breathable I think they would make a great item of clothing to wear throughout your pregnancy. Not only are you keeping on trend but you wont be suffering from any jeans that are too tight. They have also brought out maternity denim leggings now, specifically designed to fit slightly over your tummy instead of just under it. Red Herring at Debenhams have a pair for only ┬ú16! Or YummyMummy have a pair for ┬ú45 if you want more of a jegging style. You don’t just have to opt for the maternity style ones though, you can get away with the super stretchy legging styles too, which you can buy almost anywhere, Topshop, Paige Premium, Shopbop, Revolve…

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  1. Love the fit overall. Since this is first pregnancy I wasn’t sure about sizing. I would definitely order the size you were pre-pregnancy or even one bigger. The denim itself is pretty nice for the price, the rear area flattering enough. I really like these. These are my first pair of skinny jeans. I am more willing to try tight things when I’m not worried about how my stomach looks! They are so comfy and look great with boots.