Denim Brands: Natural Selection Denim


Premium denim is taken to its next evolutionary step with the launch of Natural Selection. The new denim line delivers a fresh interpretation of denim, using the finest fabrics, authentic detailing and washes, coupled with innovative styling, for men.

Natural Selection was inspired by Darwin’s theory of evolution and as such this is a key part of the brand’s identity – from the raw unlaundered denim to the authentically treated pair, which might be over 100 years old. The notion that only the strongest will survive fits the brand’s keen desire to keep on evolving and achieve cult status in the market.

Design details include 14.5oz, red selvedge, narrow-width denim from Kurabo mills, Okayama Japan. Washes range from raw, through to bruised, broken and finally to buried, all are finished by hand. These jeans look really hot and very well made. Have any of you guys out there tried this brand yet? What do you think of them?

Heritage detailing is evident as all workmanship is authentic and of the highest standard. The entire seat area is chain stitched including the waistband and features a disappearing chain stitch. Further homage is paid using triangular stitch on the top button and hidden rivets. Discreet detailing is key; Natural Selection rivets are non-branded on the outside yet branded ÔÇÿNS’ inside. A beautiful, hand drawn illustration upon the leather patch specially designed by the graphic artist Reilly – utilising a subtly British concept of an ornate floral design inspired by the decorative engravings on British shotguns – provides a background for the iconography of a pheasant riding a penny farthing, a dual reference to classic, British innovation.

Natural Selection offers the unique detail of additional piping to all major seams on belt loops, front and back pockets and the rear yoke. This aesthetic detail exaggerates the wearing in process. Further more, the signature H Belt Loop helps the range to be instantly identifiable as Natural Selection, whilst each style has a discreet leather flag for identity. The placement of this detail changes depending on the style. The fly buttons contrast, the top button being brass and the others iridium, each button is stamped with the Greek letters of GOTS.


  1. these jeans are very average and dont justify the pathetic price tags.
    anyone that has that kind of money to buy a pair of jeans doesnt buy
    these. overpriced and unproven……………

  2. these jeans are from Manchester, cmon people wake up and smell the coffee.
    It’s a made up story with no heritage or history

  3. not a fan of these jeans, nothing different or individual enough for me to move away from my favourite brands

  4. I have had three pairs of NS jeans the first pair was exchanged as one of the patches came off the second pair had a problem with one of the legs which was not stitched straight which made them feel very uncomfortable (got my refund) the third pairs top button come off when trying to close them, i only wore the jean a handful of times! these jeans are assembled cheaply in turkey this is a 100% FACT! they are “ALL LOOKS NO GO” I have all the pics to prove! they can never be PRPS, BIG Es etc, they are a complete rip off!! and one of the biggest pretenders of 2010!

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