Zac Efron in Diesel Thanaz


Zac Efron said goodbye to Vancouver as he departed from Vancouver airport yesterday. He was wearing his Diesel Thanaz 8SV jeans. I’m normally a huge fan of Zac’s style but this outfit I don’t like too much. I think it’s the bright red Nike sneakers, they throw off the entire outfit. I guess you need to be comfortable when flying though. It looks like Zac bulked up a lot for his movie, his jeans are fitting a lot tighter than before as well.

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  1. I disagree that the sneakers threw off the outfit…I think the sneakers combined with the graphic t is what throws off the outfit…if it were a plain black crew or v neck, it would of looked better…if you have loud sneakers, you have to pair it with a simple shirt and vice versa…it’s not a bad outfit just a lot going on