Celebs in Denim: Gwen Stefani in J Brand


Gwen Stefani goes on a family outing with her sons Zuma and Kingston, on November 1. She’s wearing J Brand’s denim leggings 901 in static. They look perfect for a day out with her sons! You can buy these jeans at Singer22 for $165.


  1. I dont seem to get this, i mean arent celebrities supposed to wear expensive jeans that only a few people can buy? I saw some celebrities wearing H&M and if u really want my opinion H&M is the worst quality I`ve ever seen!! Even the jeans!! Go look at their new ad! Jessica Stam is their model! I mean how can she accept modeling for this brand? (Jessica Stam is the face of Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci) Could u please explain to me with details, what`s the difference between a jeans that costs me not more than 50$ and that i can buy from vero moda or tally weil, and the diesels that cost me more than 200$?? Except for the fact that this brand is worn by celebrities and the prestige that go with it… Why do I pay my jeans 200$? what do I gain in it? And please explain what is it with celebrities and H&M coz its very cheap!!! Thank u!

  2. Hi Voldy, you pay more money for the brand name and for the quality, the quality of Diesel jeans in comparison to H&M is far superior. Diesel jeans are made in Italy or a couple of other countries and they are hand distressed and each jean takes a lot of time to create, the washing process and the fit and everything else is far better. H&M jeans are made in batch probably somewhere like China or India using extremely cheap non premium denim. When you pay around $150+ for a pair of jeans you are getting what you pay for. Celebs are just very ordinary human beings like you and I and they choose to wear what they like, a lot of ordinary people I see out and about wear ranges of jeans that cost as little as $10 to as much as $500+, some celebs are into fashion, others are not, some have stylists, others don’t. They are just ordinary people so there is no rule to what they wear. As for Jessica Stam being a H&M model, I am not sure why she chose it but it’s possible it was the only thing for her and she needed the money or she actually really likes the brand and has no issues where quality and fit are concerned. I hope that helped you some amount 🙂

  3. Hi Voldy:

    HM has many cute and trendy cloth. It is fun to wear something fashionable without the guilt of spending a lot money.

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