7 For All Mankind 7*7*7 Collection

7 For All Mankind have brought out their limited edition 7*7*7 collection. Each handcrafted garment in this limited edition series reflects the character and individuality that only the human hand can impart. There are only 777 pairs of each style made and, like art, each jean in the series is numbered on the inside pocket creating the ultimate collectors’ item. The is your classic 7 For All Mankind jean, keeping the same fits but re-imagined. I think the Roxanne skinnys with the side buttons are my favourites, they are just gorgeous! I’ve always been a fan of the ankle buttons trend and 7 For All Mankind make me like it even more. In the gallery below there are laid flat images of the 3 women’s styles on the first row and 3 men’s styles on the second row. So what do you think of their limited edition collection?


  1. The first ones with the studs are absoluttelly georgous and like horribly beautiful !!!! It think they are so original and no other denim compagny has been this far !!! It combines the new cool boyfriend fit with an new innovative way to put studs on them jeans !!! It am sure that jeans with studs are gonna be the next thing in denimwear and i am sure other compagnies will copy this incredible idea !!!

  2. The ones with the studs remind me of the current/elliot sleevesless denim jacket worn by Kim Kardashian. Like said previously absolutely stunning collection!!!