6 Ways to Dress up your Denim!

#1) Buy a blazer. Just do it! A blazer is something you just can’t go wrong with. Jessica Alba shows you a perfect example of how to blaze in your jeans!

#2) Add a soft sweater to those biker jeans! Kate Hudson shows off her feminine side.

blake-lively-girly blouse

#3) Wear a girly blouse. Flowy, girly blouses can liven up dark jeans as shown here on Blake Lively!

#4) Wear some tall black boots with a black shirt. Vanessa Minillo demonstrates her ability to keep her man in this great outfit.

jessica alba toy store 300509

#5) Add some bright accessories. Jessica Alba never fails to represent her great style and loves to add some flair!

jessica-stroup-heels blazer

#6) Heels please! Louboutins could dress up a paper sack, but even if you can’t afford those, you can always opt for some classic black pumps to dress up your jeans like Jessica Stroup does above.

The gallery below gives some additional pictures of other celebs who love to dress up their denim!

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