X Factor 2009 Contestants Rock Denim

For all of the UK readers you know that X Factor is the biggest thing on the TV right now! Last night the 12 contestants all sang ‘I gotta feeling’ by The Black Eyed peas and almost all of them were wearing denim! Jeans, denim shirts, denim dresses… They are pretty famous now and will be for a while so here is the video for you to enjoy. Also last years winner, also my favourite, Alexandra Burke performed her new single ‘Bad Boys’ live on stage. It was fantastic! Just to clear things up, people have been saying Alexandra mimed the performance because you could here the chorus singing in the background whilst she sang over it with her ad libs at the end, she never mimed it, most artists sing live over their backing tracks, that’s how it is. She always has sang live and always will, her voice is fantastic so she has no need to mime. Now that is cleared up I can’t wait for next Saturday. It’s my favourite show. I hope there will be more and more denim! I’m loving Danyl Johnson’s style as well, he’s rocking the denim shirts!