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prima tie dye

Prima Jeans wants to give 1 lucky DenimBlog reader the chance to win a free pair of their brand new Tie-Dye style jeans! The winner can select which pair they want to have out of the 4 shown below, the 3 new tie dye washes and 1 new acid wash. Since Prima Jeans are not available to buy in the store just yet, this is an exclusive chance only to DenimBlog to have these beautiful jeans! To enter the contest all you have to do is post a comment on this blog post with a valid email address in the email box. It’s easy! The winner will be selected at random by Prima Jeans. The contest is open for 2 weeks and will end on 25th October. Good luck!


  1. You can never have too many pairs of Prima Jeans 🙂 Plus their new washes are so fabulous! I love the cloud wash in the main photo.

  2. Great Jeans!…I love contests! So much fun, and why not participate, there is always a chance you may win!
    Good Luck!

  3. Wow! these jeans are loud and risky… just like my gf. Would be great If i won a free pair and score brownie point with the gf. 😉

  4. To win a pair of these would be so awesome! They are perfect for the fall/winter and would look great with my biker boots for an edgy look! 🙂 I am liking what Prima has to offer!!

  5. These jeans look absolutely stunning! It is fantastic to see a company come out with jeans that are both sophisticated looking but still young and fun! I would be so proud to be able to wear a pair of Prima Jeans!

  6. I am in love in love IN LOVE with the acid-washed Prima Denim jeans! I’ve been on the look-out for some acid denim jeans for a while but haven’t found a pair that didn’t look too dated or too 80s. These jeans have the perfect balance between edgy and stylish enough to transcend all seasons! I’ve never won anything in my life but if I won this, I’d be so so grateful! I’ve already recommended this blog to so many of my denim-loving friends and they’re all hooked on this blog and probably entering this contest as we speak!

  7. Love the washes and the fit appears divine on many body types! I can’t wait until these come out in stores for the masses to try (including me)!

  8. I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE JEANS, i appsalutley love them!! I love all of the types but i do like the first picture. They are a work of art, please can i have a pair 🙂

  9. Prima You guys are doing something very different ..SIMPLE.. Thank god for the return of simplicity when it comes to ladies denim. Even these Acid wash (OOC) & Tie die would be a simple yet elegant addition to any woman’s over blinged denim collection great job !

  10. These jeans are gorgeous! I love to find out about awesome new fashion lines and spread the word!

  11. I love the last tie dye ones! So pretty! I would love to have these! Tie dye is so in, and i haven’t had the chance to get some, perfect oppurtunity!

  12. I really love this post, it’s getting the awareness of Prima Jeans out to the world 🙂

    Also, great washes… I personally really love the acid wash jeans! 🙂
    Would be excellent addition to my tiny bit of wardrobe. I don’t buy a lot of clothes because I’m a broke college student so it would be super if I did win!

  13. Those white tie dye jeans are really original, White denim is are huge in Europe at the moment. they’re so kate moss. All of those jeans look awesome though. would love to win the comp but if i dont i would love to know where in Melbourne i can buy a pair. 🙂

  14. Lucky for me I’ve already won
    Prima jeans, so cute, so fun
    Sadly for me, the jeans didn’t fit
    Let’s try again…cause these jeans are THE SHIT!

  15. I want a pair of Prima jeans!<3
    I tryed some of my friends, but the sizes where kind of odd.
    I hope i win these so i can actually have a pair that fit and look cute.
    Favorite is the White Wash jeans:):):)

  16. I absolutely love the look of these jeans and would love to own a few pairs. Please enter me into the contest to win a free pair of these jeans. They are so hot!!!

  17. These jeans are to die for. They definately make a statement and can serve as a conversation piece.

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