Rachel Bilson Rocks Rockstar In Flaunt Magazine


Rachel Bilson is in the upcoming November issue of Flaunt Magazine wearing Rockstar UltraSuede Biker Zip Bottom Jeans. They are a Singer22 exclusive! I can’t wait to see some more pics from this photo shoot! You can purchase these jeans by clicking here.


  1. These jeans are sooo cute! It’s nice to have brands that I can afford doing this style, unlike the Balenciaga ones that I would have to sell my car to afford. ha ha

    I got the brown biker jeans, they were the coolest I’d say.

  2. Where can I find these Rockstar jeans? I heard these were black suede ones were the ones Rachel was wearing and I am really really wanting them. I was ding some rsearch and found out that Rockstar is done by this designer Frank who did my favorite jeans back in the day, 575 and now has this line. I hear he is really cute too _ my friend works in fashion:)lol Anyhow, I am gonna check out singer22 to see if they have my latest fashion obsession.-ha ha

  3. Rockstars are the hottest trend on jeans.com, both for men and women. My boss wears them all the time. I ordered them for him on jeans.com, got them the next day.

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