Diesel’s Secret Flash For Fun Party


On October 27th, 2009 Diesel will celebrate with a Flash For Fun party in NYC at a secret location. Starting October 19th, invite wristbands will be made available to those who find the secret Flash For Fun discotheque at our Union Square Store at 14th Street and Union Square West. Customers must ask for Boris he will lead you to the secret room and unlock the door

Wristbands will contain the date and time of the party with a phone number to call for the location. Guests will be encouraged to wear/bring glow in the dark items. You can buy Diesel’s Flash For Fun items by clicking here. The secret party is starting at 10pm until the lights go on.

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  1. Wow… this is going to be a rocking party… actually these kind of ideas are mainly available on the websites providing interesting party ideas. it was one of those days when the city was undergoing a power cut and it was friend’s birthday and we were all depressed because of the lack of lights for the occasion. Another friend came to help and turned the gloom into a lightful atmosphere when he supplied each of us with clothes in psychedelic colors. I must say, everybody was glowing that night in the party and we had a blast.

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