Denim DIY: Ripped Jeans With Fishnets & Lace

I decided to do a post on how to rip your jeans and get the fishnets look like we saw on Rihanna. I had a lot of fun doing it and the style actually turned out great, I love it. I do love them more with lace than the fishnets though as it looks a little more classy. It’s really easy to do and I predict it’s going to be a great trend, so if you can’t afford to buy any premium denim that comes out like these then you can do it yourself.

All you need is a pair of scissors, jeans and fishnet/lacey tights.

1) Get an old pair of jeans (or a cheaper pair of jeans you don’t mind destroying). I chose black so the tights do not stand out as much as they would against a blue jean.

rip 0

2) Get your scissors and start making a little hole in an area of the jeans.


3) Put your fingers in the hole and start pulling so the hole rips and gets bigger. Pulling and ripping it will give the effect of a worn in hole as the edges will fray. Do this on all of the holes you have created to however big or little you would like them.

rip 2

4) Get your scissors again and start lightly snipping the edges of the hole so they look a little more frayed. Over time this will fray even more and look better with wear. Don’t snip too much, just a tiny amount on the fraying. You don’t want to make slits.

rip 3

5) If you need a hand you can always ask your kitten to put some holes in the jeans. Haha.

rip 4

6) Lay your jeans out and look at all of the holes you have made. Check that you have made enough and you are happy with how they look. It helps to try them on in front of a mirror as well so you can see clearly how they look on your body and if you want more holes in a certain area.

rip 5

7) Here are some close ups of the holes so you can see how they look.

rip 6

rip 7

8 ) Put your fishnet tights or lacey tights on and then put your jeans on over the top. The lace and the fishnets will show through the holes you created and will give a different look to the jeans. It helps to buy footless tights. You can buy them in most places. ASOS have a great selection of them. If you don’t have footless it doesn’t matter, you can just wear boots.

rip modeled 8

rip modeled 3

9) Voila, you are ready to wear them out! Comment if you have ever done this to your jeans or plan on doing it. I would love to see everyone else’s results.

rip modeled

rip modeled 6

rip modeled 4

rip modeled 7


  1. I love them Lorna! Now put some bright colored tights on under πŸ˜‰ Awesome blog Lorna, great job!!!

  2. WOW i love this! bought a pair of lacey black tights yesterday and didnt know what to do with them. one question what kind of things could i wear with the jeans and tights?

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